Cabin Cruiser- Intro

The perfect size liveaboard cruiser is a simple question to ask, but can be complex to answer. The difficulty is that a liveaboard cruiser appeals to individuals on many levels including logically, practically and emotionally. What appeals to one person may be inconsequential to the next. So to define the perfect liveaboard cruiser, a person must define and prioritise his wants and needs in a cruiser. A typical list of attributes a liveaboard cruiser may include:

-spacious living area… cruising is all about lifestyle and sufficient area to live is part of this lifestyle
-fast sailing boat… sailing is a high priority when cruising
-a strong reliable motor… for some cruisers, they find it easier to simply motor to the next anchorage rather than set the sails
-latest electronic gadgetry… GPS, chartplotter, internet, satellite phone, radar
-minimalist approach… where possible all items are manual rather than automatic to minimise breakdowns, eg bilge pumps, anchor windlass, manual head
-a cruiser that comes as a complete package with all the extras a typical sailor may need… this works well for those on a budget
-sleek fast looking… most boat owners are proud and the appearance of their boat is important
-suitable for cruising climate… if cruising in warm climates a large cockpit for outdoor living is desirable
These options are some of many which makes identifying the perfect liveaboard cruiser difficult. To make this process easier it is necessary to look at who will be sailing on the boat.

People who will be sailing together on a boat need to establish what they want from the cruising experience. They need to to take into account the boat in terms of living, eating, sleeping, cleaning, sailing, recreating,…. together. With the needs and desires of the sailors established, research of boats can begin. It will soon become apparent whether a boat will fulfil the dream of the perfect liveaboard cruiser. more info¬†cabin cruiser

It is often the sailors needs and desires that will establish the minimum size of a liveaboard cruiser. The more equipment needed to enjoy the cruise usually necessitates an increase in boat size to allow for storage. Next, budget constraints can influence the choice of boat. It is much easier to work within your budget and stay focussed on what a particular boat offers, rather than trying to stretch your budget to suit the boat.

When looking to purchase, the variety of boats for sale can dictate whether the perfect liveaboard cruiser can be attained. Good cruising boats that are fitted out well are popular with potential purchasers. If you find one that meets your requirements and is within budget, move swiftly to register your interest.