World of Warcraft Powerleveling – An Intro

BFA is rated the worlds #1 World of Warcraft strategy guide in the market. And it’s not hard to see why. Many players have used BFA to go from Noob to novice player at break neck speeds. You will be shooting to level 90 in no time and mixing it up with the top players in Azeroth. The one thing that makes BFA so special is that they do not just bring out one type of guide. They offer several types of guides, all based on the needs of the this link here now:World of Warcraft Powerleveling.

When BFA first came to out, the first guides were in PDF format with in game help. It soon became clear where World of Warcraft guides needed to go, which was fully in-game. With a vision in place, developers set out to change the way people play the World of Warcraft game today. One year later in May 2008, BFA released the first in game guide for World of Warcraft.

This sent a shockwave through the industry, and others soon followed with their own in-game guides. However, through focus and dedication, BFA has remained at the forefront of the pack. Most features and functionality that have come to be expected in all in-game World of Warcraft guides are the direct result of BFA pioneering the way.

With new guides, features, and improvements being released all the time, BFA is proud to offer the most detailed, accurate, easy-to-use guides for the World of Warcraft game.